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Featured Product RELEASED: MARCH 31, 2019

Embrace Your Passion

Music has always been an essential element in my life.  Some of my most-cherished childhood memories centered around hearing my father and older sister singing at family gatherings,  and me pretending to be a DJ while playing homemade tapes featuring my own recorded voice.

Live Life in Song

The closing song on my GIRLS TRAIN EP " I'm Gettin' There " is special to me because it stresses the importance of the hard work and persistence required to achieve your dreams.   

Be Inspired by Everything

I cannot sing a song if the lyrics do not touch my heart.  When I'm onstage, I want to musically  have a heart-to-heart conversation with every individual in the audience.   Therefore, I pay special attention to who I am as an artist and will not sell myself short.  



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